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Ben West

This is not circumcision. The traditional method used in Tuli does not cut around the penis, it merely slices the upper part of the foreskin in two and then allows it to heal resulting in what to both circumcised and uncircumcised men, is a rather ugly looking penis with a wadge of loose skin hanging from the head like a turkey wattle.

That you mutilate boys in the fashion and then support it without even knowing what the procudenre involves or how it compares to other procedures is testament to how dumb people can be. Tuli is nothing like circumcision and is infact 'subincision.' No country in the world performs 'circumcisions' as they are practiced in the Philippines and a the Filipino penis, once subject to tuli, looksnothing like a circumcised penis.


supot kau

james richter

shox R4

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Monsieur Ribah

It's surely a country to don't visit. It's disgusting!! It's religious atrocity commited by religion and ancient sadistic traditions. Poor boy! I Regret for him.


ohhhh my gulay, what a traditional way...

Rach (Heart of Rachel)

It must be an ordeal for a young boy to go through a procedure like that without anesthesia.

SD (Aspherical)

You get some truly amazing access! Thanks so much for taking the time to delve deeply into Philippines culture and share it with those of us around the world.


i can still remember my two brothers when they were circumsized. They wore my mom's skirt and walked like they were ducks. Plus my mom would put some fresh guava leaves every morning.


I remember my half brother's circumcision. My mom asked me to get guava leaves from our neighbor's tree and boil it to use for cleaning...hahahah!!! and they wear my mom's skirt so it will that thing will not be touched..


lol.. ouch.. good thing i had that when i was a baby.. :D


Sidney - just curious, did you get the permission of the young man who was circumcised to post his photo on the internet? Wasn't he worried about his classmates, teachers, etcetera seeing these photos of his, um, mutilated manhood?? If I were him, I probably wouldn't like seeing this on the internet!


Isn't it a paradox that little boys are required to "prove their manhood" by getting part of their "manhood" (and the best part) cut off!?

The "hygiene" claims for this bizarre ritual are bogus. Keeping it clean is quick, simple - and fun.

A support group for intact ("uncircumcised", "supot") Filipinos has been formed. It's a Yahoo group called uncircumcisedfilipinos. You can join it from this blog:


Terrible .. Repoussant !!


ouch, that hurts ! I know how Pinoy males jeer fellow males who aren't circumcised. It's more of cultural than anything I think.


OMG. I could scream now .... Powerful !


Une image qui marque les esprits...
Bonne semaine à toi Sidney


omg!!! it's so painful to see! it's my first time to see something like this...hay...oh well.


Oh my, this is unbearable to watch to - - - yet, .... well, don't know what to say or think ;-)


I'm guessing the preferred time is shortly after childbirth, Sidney, but even then there are strong agruments against it. It's hard to know what to think about this, but since it's cultural, one would just hope the trauma is minimal!


C'est atroce !


wow. documented it well, huh. and the old school way....


nice photos!

i am aware of this since my three younger brothers underwent that circumcision method, i did not. mine was done by a doctor.

not only peer pressure, but i believe it is hygienic.

btw, i have similar post regarding this..


Ils sont vraiment courageux ces gamins pour subir ainsi dans la douleur une telle épreuve.

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